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Smart IntelliFlowTM Fan Kit

Smart IntelliFlowTM Fan Kit is Voice controlled, Smart App Controlled and comes with a Remote. It will fit inside the cup of the fan. You can access your fan via Smart Bharat Best Smart App from anywhere as it is Wi-Fi enabled, Set different modes and speeds as per your comfort.

Features :

Available on iOS & Android



    The smart device will fit into the capulla of any AC ceiling fan with a diameter of 90-95 mm and will connect through wires.

    Yes, any AC ceiling fan can become IoT using this device.

    Electrician will take a help of user manual provided in a box and can integrate easily.

    No, modular regulator is not needed as you can use it through SBB Smart App and Remote provided with your fan.

    To register a device on your phone follow user manual provided.

    It require Bluetooth for registering the device and Wi-Fi is mandatory for this device to work efficiently.

    Email: Phone: 91 (628) 324-4198 Address: 35, Industrial Area, Phase -2, Chandigarh India – 160002