Smart IntelliFlowTM Fan Kit

Smart IntelliFlowTM Fan Kit is Voice controlled, Smart App Controlled and comes with a Remote. It will fit inside the cup of the fan. You can access your fan via Smart Bharat Best Smart App from anywhere as it is Wi-Fi enabled, Set different modes and speeds as per your comfort.

Features :
Auto ON/OFF with Smart Timer
Auto ON/OFF with Dusk/Dawn
Integrated MPU to save energy
Routine Schedule
Wi-Fi Enabled
Buy Function for Consumer
100% Warranty Details
End to End Turnkey Solution
OTA Enabled
Bluetooth Enabled
Dual-Core SOC
Multiple Themes
Product Life Cycle Detection
Compatible with iOS, Android & Alexa
Built-in Easy Service Registration Ticketing System.
Power and Appliance Usage Reporting
Child Profile
Built-in 2-Factor Authentication
Can work without Wi-Fi with IR Remote
Weather Safety Alerts
Data Privacy
Both Log Activity and Reboot Logs are available in the Smart Bharat Best App
Free Firmware Upgrades

Available on iOS & Android


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How to Install the IntelliFlow?
How to use IntelliFlow with Smartbharatbest App?
How does the device work?

The smart device will fit into the capulla of any AC ceiling fan with a diameter of 90-95 mm and will connect through wires.

Why Bluetooth is not able to discover SmartBharatBest Smart Device?

To discover devices along with Bluetooth, GPS/location should be enabled on Mobile.

Device not showing in Bluetooth search, what can I do?

Please make sure you have Enabled Bluetooth and Locations Service on your Phone.

What are different modes support by Smart IntelliFlowTM Fan Kit?

  • Smart Mode : Fan speed change as per the weather Temperature. It fetch the weather temperature from cloud after some time and run the fan accordingly. If temperature decreases mean there is cold…then fan speed also decrease and if temperature increases means if there is hot then fan speed also increase accordingly.
  • Turbo Mode : Activate for instant relief through high speed air delivery
  • Breeze Mode: The fan changes speed rhythmically to create Breeze effect.
  • Sleep Mode: The fan slows down automatically as temperature drops through the night.

Can any normal AC ceiling fan becomes IoT using this device?

Yes, any AC ceiling fan can become IoT using this device.

Can I integrate Smart IntelliFlowTM Fan Kit on my own?

Electrician will take a help of user manual provided in a box and can integrate easily.

Does modular regulator will work with Smart IntelliFlowTM Fan Kit?

No, modular regulator is not needed as you can use it through SBB Smart App and Remote provided with your fan.

Does this device support Android & iOS?


How to register the device on your smartphone?

To register a device on your phone follow user manual provided.

Is it operated through Alexa and Google Home?


Does Smart IntelliFlowTM Fan Kit require Bluetooth and Wi-Fi both?

It require Bluetooth for registering the device and Wi-Fi is mandatory for this device to work efficiently.